New Articles Posted

I have met many people who are confused by how iPhoto and now Photos takes over their pictures on the Mac. They want more control over what happens and where things go and how they are organized. I have published a couple of articles to help with controlling where pictures go, and how you might manage them with other software. You can find them in the Photography Articles drop-down menu.

Hard drive backup by Disk image: New article posted

I sometimes hear from friends and colleagues about how they spent hours with support doing a system restore, and everything they had is now gone.  This situation can be easily prevented by doing a disk image. It is easier than you think and well worth the time and money.  The article gives more details.



Article: Installing Programs

Today I posted an article describing why it is important to pay attention to the boxes that come up while you install a program.  If you think you are saving time by clicking through all of them, think again!  You could be adding minutes to every startup.

This article is a report on a test done by Fred Langa over at  This newsletter is a great source of computing information.