Hard drive backup by Disk image: New article posted

I sometimes hear from friends and colleagues about how they spent hours with support doing a system restore, and everything they had is now gone.  This situation can be easily prevented by doing a disk image. It is easier than you think and well worth the time and money.  The article gives more details.



Article: Installing Programs

Today I posted an article describing why it is important to pay attention to the boxes that come up while you install a program.  If you think you are saving time by clicking through all of them, think again!  You could be adding minutes to every startup.

This article is a report on a test done by Fred Langa over at Windowssecrets.com.  This newsletter is a great source of computing information.

Article: Memory and Hard Drive

I have added an article on the difference between hard drives and memory.  People often refer to “memory” when they really mean the hard drive.

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