Virus and Malware Removal

The tell-tale signs of a malware or virus infection are bogus warning messages and ending up on web pages you didn’t want. Malware may also have other symptoms such as program crashes, slow performance and other problems that also could have other causes. I offer friendly, personalized service, responding to your needs. I am an experienced network administrator and I have handled many problems you are likely to have. Contact me today for a free initial consultation, 413-267-4757.

Some malware infections are easy to remove with a program such as Malwarebytes. You should try this before calling me if you are a hands-on person. Other infections can be difficult to remove and can easily re-infect a system.      

Today, with online banking and other important transactions online, the stakes in virus and malware removal are high. The only iron-clad method is to re-format the hard drive and install everything from scratch. This actually can be fairly simple IF you are prepared with a clean system image and data backups, or very time-consuming if not.

Cleanup with your existing disk image and data backup: $80 Onsite   $40 Offsite

Attempt to remove with anti-malware tools: $100 Onsite  $50 Offsite  There is no guarantee of complete removal.

Ultimate recovery: Rescue data, reformat/reinstall OS and programs. This will include making a disk image:  $120 Offsite only.  Onsite will probably be too expensive, but call if it is absolutely necessary. We might be able to do some remotely.

Firewall setup and coaching

$40 remote

If the above has made you really paranoid we can set up and train you on a real firewall. I don’t recommend this because the firewall will send you messages quite often. I will temporarily use one as part of the malware cleanup.

Call 413-267-4757 or use the contact form below. If you use the form, it is the same as sending me an email. Your message is not posted on the site. I will answer calls and emails as soon as possible.

My privacy policy is simple: Your email address and other information are for my eyes only. They are used to follow-up on your inquiry. I do not give or sell this information to any other party, at all, ever.

Onsite is your home or office. Offsite means I take it and return it. There could be up to 3 days turnaround time. If I am not offering an onsite option it is because I would have to charge more than I think is cost-effective. However, if you absolutely need to have it done onsite we’ll talk to determine the extent of work and I can quote you a price.

My onsite service area is the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts and nearby Connecticut, including the following towns: Springfield, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, Hampden, Wilbraham, Ludlow, Chicopee, Holyoke, West Springfield, Agawam, Monson, Palmer, Belchertown, Ware, Warren, Brimfield, Wales, Holland, Somers, Ellington, and Stafford Springs.

I am available for remote support sessions. In some cases we would do some preliminary work by remote connection even if I eventually do some work onsite. If there is a particular remote service you would prefer, just let me know.

I offer free follow-up phone support for issues related to the original problem for 90 days.  Initial consultation for any problem is also free.

Referral discount: If you refer someone to me who becomes a paying customer, I will give a 10% discount on the next service I do for you.