Photo Retouching-Restoration

One service I offer is photo editing, retouching, and restoration.  The gallery has before-after pairs showing examples of my work. Click on a picture to start the interactive gallery.  Use the arrows on the screen or your keyboard to move between pictures. While in the gallery, click outside of the picture to leave.

You can open each pair of pictures in adjacent tabs, then switch back and forth quickly for a better comparison than the slide show provides.

A contact form is below the gallery.  You can also call 413-267-4757

It is difficult to quote pricing without seeing the work to be done.  It can take anywhere from a few minutes for basic tone-color corrections to over an hour for fine detail cloning work. Please contact me and I will do my best to quote a fair price.

Referral discount: If you refer someone to me who becomes a paying customer, I will give a 10% discount on the next service I do for you.