Upgrades and Parts Replacement

Faulty fan? Need more memory or a bigger hard drive? I can solve these problems and others for you. You’ll get trustworthy advice that you can understand and an economical solution that works. Sometimes upgrading an older machine is all you need to do, saving you money and letting you continue to use the system you know so well.

I am an experienced hands-on network administrator/technician, supporting both Windows and Mac platforms, and I have handled many problems you are likely to have.

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Memory Installation: $75 onsite, $40 offsite, plus the cost of the memory. Includes identification of the correct memory for your machine.

Hard Drive Installation: Starts at $75 onsite, $40 offsite, plus the cost of the drive. This is if you have everything backed up already and ready to install, or if it is a second drive that does not need data restored to it. Otherwise, we’ll need to talk to see where you are at and what you need. You can see the system and data backup page for an idea.

On site means I work in your home or office. Off site means I take it and return it. There could be up to 3 days turnaround time. If I am not offering an on site option it is because I would have to charge more than I think is cost-effective. However, if you absolutely need to have it done on site or at home we’ll talk to determine the extent of work and I can quote you a price.