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This will be a site for tips and instruction on using your computer. I have maintained and administered a mixed Mac-Windows network with a few Linux machines, so I can provide help for all platforms. I will be emphasizing underlying similarities wherever possible – and it’s possible more than you may think. You can see my service offerings from the menu along the top of the page.

I believe technology exists to serve people. Too many technologists act as if it is the other way around.  I also look for alternatives to mega-corporate software. It has been said that there are 2 industries that call their customers “users”: software companies and drug dealers. I think it is the large corporations that have earned this reputation a bit too well. A lot of smaller companies are still oriented toward people.  I will be helping you to find them wherever possible. When it comes to service, I’d like to think I am one of those people companies.

I can help you solve problems you may have with your computer. I can also help you learn more about the computer so you can use it more effectively. I also believe this knowledge can help you choose programs more effectively – or even be able to work without them. For example, a little knowledge about your computer’s file system can help you avoid many programs that find things for you.  You can find them yourself and not load the computer with unneeded software.

If you are a small-business owner – or just someone with many computers – I can use my network management experience to help you. Part of that experience was to get big-business results on a small budget. I am aware of many alternatives to big-ticket corporate solutions that may help you.

I am also an experienced photographer and I can help you with software and workflow questions. There are many good alternatives to the full Photoshop program that can work well for you. I don’t use the full Photoshop on my photographs. You can check my science and nature education program site and look at some results in the galleries. I have also started an astronomy website with a friend at

Please see the services page and the menus for more.  Brief items will be posted in the blog.  Other topics will have full pages.

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