Computer Services: Repair, Cleanup, and Help

I can help you fix, repair, and clean up Windows PC or Mac desktops and laptops. Prevent computer disasters with a complete backup of your hard drive, allowing fast repair of any computer problem with all of your programs ready to use. Troubleshoot, fix, and repair networking and internet access problems on your PC or Mac. I offer friendly, personalized service in your home or at your business, responding to your needs. I work directly for you and not for a box store middleman. I am an experienced hands-on network administrator/technician, and I have handled many problems you are likely to have. Contact me today for a free initial consultation.

Referral discount: If you refer someone to me who becomes a paying customer, I will give a 10% discount on the next service I do for you.

On site means I work in your home or office. Off site means I take it and return it. There could be up to 3 days turnaround time. If I am not offering an on site option it is because I would have to charge more than I think is cost-effective. However, if you absolutely need to have it done on site or at home we’ll talk to determine the extent of work and I can quote you a price.

My onsite service area is the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts and nearby Connecticut. I am available for remote support sessions. In some cases we would do some preliminary work by remote connection even if I eventually do some work off site. If there is a particular remote service you would prefer, just let me know.  If all of what you need can be done remotely, then my service area is anywhere.

I offer free follow-up phone support and follow-up work for issues related to the original problem for 90 days. Initial consultation for any problem is also free.

Contact info is below the service descriptions or use the link buttons.

Computer Tune-up

$75 on site or remote $30 off site

This is for a machine that may be running slowly but is not infested with active malware. We will review installed programs and startup items together then I will do system scans and cleanup. Free phone support to enable prior scanning so onsite work is quicker.

Set up Data backup

$75 on site $40 remote. You need to own an external drive or be able to burn to DVD. I suggest an external drive for ease of use and lower per-gigabyte storage cost.

I will work with you to find all of your important data and devise a backup plan that fits your needs. I will then implement the plan using simple file copy software. You will be able to run this backup at the times we determine. Free follow-up phone support to run and restore if needed.

Set up Factory Recovery

$40 off site I will gather some information by remote session ahead of the actual work. Free follow-up phone support if needed to actually perform the recovery.

Research the method(s) available for your computer model.

Create disks if needed and available.

Document the keystrokes needed for built-in recovery.

Research availability of recovery disks for purchase.

Note: disks will likely be needed if you ever install a larger hard drive or if the hard drive becomes unusable, unless you make a disk image.

This allows you to restore the computer to the condition it was in when you first got it.

Set up recovery by disk image

A disk image is a verbatim copy of your hard drive as it exists at the moment it was imaged, with all of your settings and programs the way you like them. It is a better way to recover your computer than a factory restore.

It will have all of the programs and settings that existed at that time. Once the image is made the computer can be restored to this condition in less time than doing a factory install. You can do the restore yourself in under an hour in most cases.

This includes setting up a data backup.

Since the exact condition of the computer is preserved, it is vital that the computer is in a reliable state. There should be no suspicion of having malware and it should run acceptably well.

We will also have to consider the amount of your data (documents, pictures, music) on the drive. If this is very large then it will take a lot of time to image it. The ideal way to do this (for faster recovery and to keep data separate) is to divide the hard drive into 2 partitions. The computer will act as if there are really 2 hard drives. We could, at extra expense, add a second hard drive.

$75 off site for this scenario using a disk partition.

$10 extra for a CD/license for do-it-yourself or free phone-assisted recovery.

Because of the copying and scanning time needed, this is a difficult job to quote a fair price to do onsite.

If the machine is not in a reliable state, then I will do a factory restore, replace software you have available, do all updates, and then make the image as above. This is the ultimate repair-tuneup.  This would guarantee a clean machine with no malware.

$120 off site for this ultimate repair scenario.



General rates for consulting and non-standard jobs

$75 for a single hour

$115 for 2 consecutive hours

$150 for 3 consecutive hours

$50 per hour for each hour after that

$40 per hour, in 1/4 hour increments for work done via remote session (Teamviewer or other remote service)

My phone number is 413-267-4757

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